Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory: the recollection, familiarity, and novelty detection conference

MAR 23
GIGA Seminar
Daniela Montaldi, Stefan Köhler, Emmanuel Barbeau, Patrick Meyer, Regine Bader, Akira O'Connor, Nikolai Axmacher invited by CRC In Vivo Imaging
23/03/2017 10:00 --> 24/03/2017 15:00 Léon Fredericq Auditorium
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Memory is a fundamental function in humans. It stores our experiences, shapes who we are, and allows us to project into the future. Cognitive neuroscience research has shown the complexity of the mechanisms that support memory for personally experienced events. Studies on brain-damaged patients and neuroimaging studies have identified key brain regions for memory functioning and try to understand the role of these regions. Thanks to recent technological progress in the appraisal of brain-behaviour relationship (e.g., intracranial neuronal recording, high-resolution MRI), our understanding of memory functioning is more and more refined. Yet, numerous questions remain.


The workshop « Cognitive neuroscience of memory: Recollection, familiarity and novelty detection » proposes a state-of-the-art overview by renowned experts in the study of memory. The talks will present recent advances brought by the main methodological approaches: cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and neuroimaging (functional MRI, ERPs, intracranial recording). Moreover, the speakers have all contributed to theoretical frameworks on mechanisms involved in recollection, familiarity and novelty detection. Young PhD students and post-doctoral researchers will be given the opportunity to present their work and to discuss with the experts theoretical and methodological aspects of the cognitive neuroscience of memory.