The french spin-off PDC*line Pharma set at the GIGA


PDC*line Pharma is a French-Belgium clinical-stage biotech company that develops a new class of active immunotherapies for cancer based on an allogeneic cell line of Plasmacytoid Dendritic cells (PDC*line) loaded with cancer antigens.

PDC*mel, our first drug candidate is currently in phase 1 clinical trials for melanoma. PDC*lung is in preclinical development for lung cancer.

Our approach can be applied to virtually any type of cancer and any patient population, and combined with differents cancer treatments.


Our history

PDC*line Pharma originated from a flagship R&D program of the French Blood Bank (EFS, Etablissement Français du Sang) where PDC*line, a proprietary Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell line (PDC) was developed from a patient with a PDC leukemia.

Laurent LEVY President France & COO, and Joel PLUMAS, CSO founded the company in April 2014 in Grenoble and took the project to the clinical development stage with non-dilutive funding. Eric Halioua joined the team in February 2016, and became President and CEO in July 2016.

Key milestones

July 2016

Foundation of PDC line Pharma SA, Belgium holding based in Liège (Belgium), headed by Eric Halioua, President & CEO.

June 2015

ATMP classification granted by EMA for PDC*vac class of active immunotherapies for cancer

February 2015

2015 Life Sciences Grand Prize of the French start-up competition Tremplin Entreprises

January 2015

Exclusive licensing rights from the French Blood Bank (EFS)

December 2014

Award of “Réseau Entreprendre”

September 2014

Dr Isabelle Tabah-Fisch joins PDC*line Pharma as Chief Medical Officer

June 2014

Laureate of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030

June 2014

Laureate of the i-LAB French national competition for the creation of innovative technologies companies

April 2014

Foundation of PDC*line Pharma

June 2013

GATE1 Grenoble incubator award winner

June 2013

Start of the phase 1 first-in-man clinical trial in melanoma