Dr Jacques Balthazart has been selected for this year's Daniel Lehrman Lifetime Achievement Award of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (SBN).


Each year, the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology honors one of its members with the Daniel S. Lehrman Lifetime Achievement Award. The award serves three important purposes: (1) to honor the lifetime achievements of distinguished investigators in our field; (2) to educate junior members of SBN about the life and work of distinguished senior members; and (3) to create an opportunity for publication education and outreach by highlighting the contributions of a distinguished member. The SBN mentioned: "Dr. Balthazart embodies the spirit and inspiration of Danny Lehrman, with a career of eminent scholarship and a record of outstanding mentorship of future scientists. Dr. Jacques Balthazart is Director Emeritus of the Research Group in Behavioral Neurobiology at the GIGA Neurosciences of the University of Liege. His distinguished career has tackled numerous topics in behavioral neuroendocrinology, with a focus on the sexual differentiation of brain and behavior and on the role of brain aromatase in male sexual behavior.   He has mentored trainees at all levels that have, themselves, moved on to productive research careers.  Finally, in addition to his numerous edited books, Dr. Balthazart most recently authored the 2010 book entitled, in French, Biologie de l'homosexualité (and translated into English in 2011; The Biology of Homosexuality) summarizing the current knowledge on the biological mechanisms that control sexual orientation in animals and humans, and stimulating open scientific discussion on the subject of sexual orientation." Jacques Balthazart will receive his award inn Los Angeles on June.