The "biothèque" of the University of Liège (BUL) is a biobank within the meaning of that concept in the law of December 19, 2008, concerning the obtaining and the use of human biological material intended for human medical applications or for scientific research purpose : it is a "structure that provides storage and provision of human biological material, exclusively for scientific research and that is not intended for any human application".


In other words, it is a collection of human cells and tissues, and optionnally biological substances (serum, blood,  fluids from punctures,...) or related derivatives (RNA, DNA, proteins,...) formed from residual material of samples taken as part of an exploration or a clinical follow-up. These samples can be frozen or paraffin embedded.


The BUL is integrated in the premises of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology  of the University Hospital (CHU Sart Tilman), allowing an optimal handling of the stored samples.


Ethical and legal aspects

The collection of samples and the provision of material for the researchers, whether in basic, translational or clinical research, comply with the rules of the legislation and the recommendations of the Ethical Committee of the University Hospital of Liège.


Furthermore, the functioning of the BUL received the endorsement of the Ethical Committee of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Liège.

Persons in charge

Coordinator of the BUL : Prof. J. BONIVER

Head of the BUL : Mme S. GOFFLOT


The BUL is a shared initiative from the Liège University and the Liège University Hospital (CHU). A board of management supervises its functioning.