Formation Cytomine en collaboration avec la plateforme d'Imagerie Cellulaire


Cytomine is a rich open-source web platform for the collaborative analysis of small to very large images (big imaging data).
Built at the University of Liège, it supports both remote visualization, collaborative semantic annotation, and semi-automated analysis through the web, making it an ideal tool for collaborative research, teaching and diagnosis in every large-image related topics.
Its design was driven by life science and bioimage informatics research needs: software versatility, interoperability, modularity and extensibility, image recognition tailored via learning from ground-truth data and proofreading tools, reproducible research, and data accessibility and reusability.
It is being used for years by our collaborators working with large sets of bioimages in numerous domains including cancer research, development, and toxicology, and is now adapted for pedagogical purposes.

In association with the GIGA Imaging Platform, we propose to provide specific training to actual and future Cytomine users during 2 seminars.
These sessions will be provided at the GIGA center on the 7th and 8th of september during lunchtime from 12 to 14 pm at the Leon Fredericq seminar room.

First Session - Cytomine basic use - 7th of September
> Use the Dashboard
> Handle your imaging projects
> Upload and handle your images
> Use ontologies
> How to efficiently visualize and annotate your images

Second session - Cytomine advanced use - 8th of September
> Collaborative sharing of projects
> Real time visualization of an image between experts
> Blind evaluations
> Share commentaries and annotations by emails with colleagues
> Run machine learning jobs

For more details about Cytomine's features, please see :

For any information about the organization of the training session please contact Christopher Hamilton ( or +32 498 76 72 18).