Research projects

The GIGA Doctoral School research programme will provide a wide array of opportunities for PhD projects in the areas of cancer, neuroscience, infection-inflammation-immunity, cardiovascular sciences, medical genomics and in silico medicine. The research topics are explicitly multidisciplinary in scope, with fundamental, translational and clinical research that bring the expertise of PIs from different thematic units together to achieve better results. The network formed by academia and industrial partners of the Doctoral School ensure not only interdisciplinary but also intersectoral training. At the end of the twelve-week initial training program, the PhD candidates will independently choose a laboratory to perform their PhD project. The research project will be formulated by the ESR together with researchers from the host laboratory using a bottom-up approach, thus ensuring active involvement of the ESR in the research from the beginning. Inter-thematic unit projects will be strongly encouraged. For a more detailed description of the research thematic units and laboratories at GIGA please visit their web pages