C.Cornil's team

The lab directed by Charlotte Cornil analyzes the neural bases of sexual behaviors using birds (mostly quail and canaries) and mice as experimental models.


Our research aims at identifying:

  1. the neuroendocrine and neurochemical mechanisms that mediate the activation and sexual differentiation of reproductive behaviors in higher vertebrates.
  2. the neuronal circuits involved in the control of these behaviours in males and females.
  3. the involvement of sex steroid metabolism in the brain (in particular the aromatisation of testosterone into estradiol) as well as the interaction of steroids with neurotransmitters in the control of reproduction.
  4. the control by steroids of the neural plasticity observed during ontogeny and adulthood.


POST-DOC POSTITION AVAILABLE : Click here to see the description of the position. 


If you have any doubt birds are fascinating animal models ... watch this video made by Dr Rebecca Calisi (University of California, Davis, CA, USA) starring many of our colleagues.


Photo labo 31mars2017

 Legend (from left to right): Jacques Balthazart, Charlotte Delage, Laura Vandries, Mélanie Faure, Marie-Pierre de bournonville, Charlotte Cornil, Badr Khbouz, Lucas Court, Gilles Cornez