Cognitive and Neural Network Characterisation of Spontaneous Cognition in Normal Waking Conditions

FÉV 21
GIGA Seminar
Laurens Van Calster (Université de Genève, Suisse) invited by Coma Science Group
21/02/2018 11:30 --> 21/02/2018 13:00 Léon Fredericq Auditorium
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We all have experienced rest, know what rest is, and feel we need rest. It is only when we stop and think about what rest really means that we start to see how complex such a natural phenomenon can be. During my talk, I will invite you to take a step back from what we think we currently know about rest, and to explore the possible cognitive functions of cognition in the so-called resting state through scientific studies. These studies investigate the nature of experiences occurring during rest, how these experiences are linked to specific resting state networks, and how attentional processes play a role during rest.
We will discuss the contribution of our experimental studies to the field of resting state cognition, and identify perspectives for future studies in this field. In brief, you are invited to join the exploration, interesting discoveries and debates on a state we all experience: rest.