The call to apply for a 4-year fellowship at the GIGA Doctoral School of Basic and Applied Biomedical Sciences is now open!


Deadline for applications : 11 May 2018


Do you have (or will you soon receive) a Master’s degree in Biology, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, or Psychology? Are you interested in pursuing a PhD? Are you passionate about biomedical research? If so, then consider applying for a position at the GIGA Doctoral School.


For more information please read the application procedure and apply:


At the GIGA Doctoral School, we offer :

- Research projects covering a wide range of topics in both basic and applied biomedical sciences

- A highly stimulating multidisciplinary environment in close collaboration with clinicians

- Your choice of host laboratory after 3 months to familiarise yourself with the institute and research topics

- Access to cutting-edge life science technologies

- Partnership with industry

- Training in both discipline-related and transferable skills

- Close monitoring of your development, and career perspectives with a dedicated mentor

- An international place to learn and grow, with colleagues of more than 40 nationalities


We are pleased to announce the launch of an interdisciplinary, international GIGA Doctoral School. Together with our partners in academia and industry, the GIGA provides the ideal environment for training and research. The GIGA is a research institute established within the University of Liège and the University Hospital, containing an integrated ecosystem that fosters collaboration and resource-sharing among clinicians and basic researchers, housing approximately 40 laboratories organised in nine theme-based units:

  1. Neuroscience
  2. Cancer
  3. I3 (inflammation, infection and immunity)
  4. Cardiovascular science
  5. Consciousness
  6. CRC In vivo imaging
  7. Medical genomics
  8. In silico medicine
  9. Molecular biology of disease

Each year, researchers at the GIGA publish approximately 300 peer-reviewed publications including several publications per year in top international journals with IF>20. The GIGA has state-of-the-art life science technologies, and we serve as an incubator for biotechnology training and start-ups.


As an incoming doctoral student at the GIGA Doctoral School of Basic and Applied Biomedical Science, you enter a programme, rather than a specific research group. This programme starts with a 12-week education module, in which you will receive the theoretical and applied skills you will need in order to jumpstart your PhD trajectory. In addition, you will become familiar with all of the research projects at the GIGA, allowing you to make a more informed decision regarding your host laboratory for your PhD project.


At the GIGA, our goal is to train independent researchers who will be fully prepared with the tools needed to pursue a career in academia, industry, or government.