New FNRS fundings for GIGA


Fundings for big equiment


Optimization of the zebrafish facility

The zebrafish has emerged as a powerful animal model for studying embryogenesis and modeling human diseases. In the GIGA Institute (ULiège), the zebrafish is used in several areas of research such as pancreas development and regeneration, pancreatic cancer, angiogenesis, melanoma skin cancer research, bone development, toxicology studies… The GIGA zebrafish facility currently holds over 700 tanks split up into 3 separate multi-rack systems (main facility) and 4 stand-alone systems (quarantine).  About 17500 genetically modified fish are housed and their health is monitored closely.  Thanks to FNRS fundings, we will be able to update the GIGA zebrafish facility with some new and therefore trustworthy housing equipment, including the newly available nursery racks. In addition, we will acquire an automatic feeding system that will allow standardized feeding of some of the lines in the main facility. It appears that this if is of utmost importance for researchers of the GIGA modeling diabetes into zebrafish, but also for fast and efficient identification of mutant and transgenic lines.



Enhancing 7TMRI measurement capabilities

The 7T MRI at GIGA Cyclotron Research Centre platform is currently the only ultra-high field MRI scanner in Belgium and it will be available for all interested research teams in Belgium and in other countries. The complementary equipment funded by the FRS-FNRS “Large Equipment” will optimize the accuracy of our measurements via a prospective head motion correction system (measuring the subject motion in real time and dynamically updating the imaging protocol to track the motion) and an eye tracking system, the ideal method to follow vigilance fluctuations (through eyelid opening and pupil size) and attention (through eye movements) during functional neuroimaging studies. 


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New mandates


Research Associates

Athena Demertzi (GIGA-Consciousness) and Michael Herfs (GIGA-Cancer)


MD Postdoctoral Fellow

Gilles Darcis (GIGA-I3) and Olivier Malaise (GIGA-I3) 

+ Renewal for Audrey Maudoux (GIGA-Consciousness) and François Jouret (GIGA-Cardiovascular)


Postdoctoral researchers

Ludovic Belle (GIGA-I3), Christine Grill (GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases), Stéphanie Herkenne (GIGA-Cancer) and Christina O’Grady (GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases)


MD PhD Students

Marie Neuville (GIGA-Cardiovascular) and Elisa Onesti Concetta (GIGA-Cancer)
+ Renewal for Justine Huart (GIGA-Cardiovascular), Morgan Vandermeulen (GIGA-Cardiovascular), Pierre Foidart (GIGA-Cancer) and Nicolas Lejeune (GIGA-Consciousness)


Research fellows

Joseph Jorssen (GIGA-I3), Panda Rajanikant (GIGA-Consciousness), Cécilia Ruscitti (GIGA-I3) et Leandro Sanz (GIGA-Consciousness)

+ Renewal for Charlène Aubinet (GIGA-Consciousness), Stephen Larroque (GIGA-Consciousness), Maude Liégeois (GIGA-I3) and Emeline Mariavelle (GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases)


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Reserach projects


27 research projects are funded by Télévie.