The GIGA (Interdisciplinary Cluster for Applied Genoproteomics), established in 2007 by Professors Joseph Martial and Bernard Rentier, aims at gathering researchers, clinicians and private stakeholders to develop an ecosystem conducive to basic and applied research to patient’s benefit.


The founding principles are :


Interdisciplinarity and excellence :

With open labs to optimize interactions and exchanges, the GIGA encompasses about 600 researchers divided into Thematic Research Units, evaluated every 4 years by an external Advisory Board. Coming from 5 faculties (Medecine, Veterinary Medecine, Sciences, Applied Sciences and Agronomic Sciences), the researchers guarantee the pluridisciplinarity of research projects. 


Quality of the exchanges between clinicians and researchers :

Sole research center in the Walloon Region located at the heart of a university hospital, it encompasses clinicians and clinicians-researchers covering the 4 major health axes : cancer, immunity and inflammation, neurosciences and cardiovascular sciences. A large number of research programs crosses the expertise of this multidisciplinary scientific community and aims at improving the knowledge to patient’s benefit.


Shared human and technical resources

To ensure a professional and privileged access to equipment and advanced technology, the GIGA is equipped with 8 technology platforms managed by specific staff and offering state of the art technological equipment. Working in a proactive approach to ensure compliance with quality standard, they are open to both academic researchers and private sector actors.


Provision of Business areas (for start-ups, spin offs,...) :

Companies are offered three types of Business areas, depending on the state of progress of their project. The Labhotel offers fully equipped benches, along with privileged access to the GIGA infrastructure, enabling SMEs to implement customized R&D projects in a turnkey space. A building connected to the GIGA offers  adjustable spaces, upgradeable according to the SMEs growth. Finally, an entire floor of the GIGA tower is dedicated to hosting growing SMEs. Wealthy collaborations with research units , proximity to the academic hospital and access to patient cohorts , possibility of using advanced technologies provide a very conducive environment for businesses, especially for SMEs in the biotechnology sector.


A biotech training center:

A training center run in partnership with Le FOREM is located inside the GIGA. It offers to jobseekers and students a theoretical and practical program in line with the demands of the biotech sector.  Moreover, training sessions focusing on advanced technology are organized on demand for the companies of the sector.


The GIGA ecosystem with its high quality research is a real stakeholder in the economic redeployment of Liège. 


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