The Belgian Brain Council ( organizes its bienniel Belgian Brain Congress on October 19, 2018 in Liège ( This congress  aims at promoting interaction between  clinicians, researchers, representatives of patients and pharmaceutical industry. 

The GIGA-Cell Imaging platform can now offer state of the art multiphoton imaging microscopy with the Nikon AR1 MP+ multiphoton microscope.

MAY 25
GIGA Seminar
Lynne Maquat - University of Rochester Medical center
25/05/2018 16:00 - Léon Fredericq Auditorium
MAY 31
GIGA Seminar
Luc Sensébé - STROMAlab, Toulouse
31/05/2018 13:00 - Léon Fredericq Auditorium
Marc Poirot 

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