Collaboration between GIGA-Viral Vectors platform and CER Groupe


With over eight FDA approvals and several ongoing clinical studies, viral vectors are emerging as promising tools for their life-saving potential in gene therapy applications. However, the expansion of viral vectors still remains insufficiently accessible due to considerations related to their molecular complexity and their biomanufacturing.

To date, only a few platforms offer their expertise in the design of highly efficient vectors while taking into account production considerations at the earliest stage.

In this exciting context, CER Groupe and GIGA-Viral Vectors platform are pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership aimed at bridging the gap between gene therapy developers and GMP CDMO by offering unique and integrated viral vector development services!

Two complementary expertises

The recognized expertise of GIGA-Viral Vectors in AAV and Lentivirus design, selection and development will be proposed to develop highly efficient and specific vectors taking into account constraints in biomanufacturing and gene of interest delivery in target cells.

CER Groupe expertise in biologic production, purification and characterization will complete the service to offer preclinical scale production using processes aligned with industry procedures, facilitating the subsequent transfer to CDMO. This material will also be exploitable for preclinical discovery, pharmacology and toxicology studies using our multi-species in vivo platform.

The ultimate aim is to de-risk and fasten the development of tomorrow’s gene therapy products, and to contribute to make these technologies more affordable. We are proud to take part of this journey and are dedicated to make it a success!

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