The day-to-day running of the GIGA is governed by the Bureau, which meets every month.


Full members

Brigitte Malgrange, General Director

Laurent Nguyen, Scientific Director

Clio Ribbens, Medical Director

Sandrina Evrard, Administrative Director

Arnaud Blomme, Cancer Administrator

Michaël Herfs, Cancer Administrator

Ingrid Struman, Cancer Administrator

Christophe Desmet, Immunobiology  Administrator

Grégory Ehx, Immunobiology Administrator

Thomas Marichal, Immunobiology  Administrator

Julie Bakker, Neuroscience  Administrator

Vincent Bonhomme, Neuroscience Administrator

Gilles Vandewalle, Neuroscience  Administrator

Patrizio Lancellotti, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Biology  Administrator

Franck Dequiedt, Molecular & Computational Biology  Administrator

Liebset Geris, Molecular & Computational Biology  Administrator

Julien Hanson, Molecular & Computational Biology  Administrator

Carine Bebrone, Director of Technology Platforms



Permanent guests

Michel Georges, Former Director

Jacques Piette, Former Director

Isabelle Danese, PATO staff representative

Aurélie Gouverneur, Communications Manager

RISE representative

updated on 2/19/24

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