PHILLIPS Christophe

Directeur de recherche FNRS & Fonds assoc.

Faculté des Sciences appliquées
Département d'électricité, électronique et informatique (Institut Montefiore)
GIGA CRC In vivo Imaging - Neuroimaging, data acquisition and processing

ULiège address
Bât. B30 GIGA CRC In vivo Im. - Neuroimaging, data acquisi. & proces.
Quartier Agora
allée du 6 Août 8
4000 Liège
ULiège phone number
+32 4 3662366
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Sciences et Techniques
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University degrees
2001 : Doctorat en sciences appliquées (Université de Liège)
1996 : Ingénieur civil électricien, orientation électronique (Université de Liège)


Christophe Phillips has a Master in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Applies Sciences, both from the University of Liège. He has been working for more than 20 years in the field of neuroimaging, specifically contributing to and developing open source data processing tools like SPM, PRoNTo and the hMRI toolbox. His scientific fields of interest cover : EEG signal analysis and modelling, MR imaging processing, and multi-modal data integration for the study of healthy subjects cognition as well as the tracking of neurodegenerative diseases.

He is now a FRS-FNRS Research Director at the GIGA Cyclotron Research Centre and Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of Liège, Belgium.

Research field

  • Techniques d'imagerie et traitement d'images
  • Instrumentation médicale
  • Neurologie

Duties or mandates

  • FRS-FNRS Research Director
  • Associate Professor, ULiege
  • Honorary Research Associate, Machine Learning and Neuroimaging Lab, Department of Computer Science, University College London, UK

ULiège Course

Medical imaging, 33h Th, 12h Pr, 8h Labo., 1j T. t., PHILLIPS Christophe

Eléments d'informatique médicale, 15h Th, PHILLIPS Christophe

Introduction à la statistique médicale, 10h Th, 5h Pr, PHILLIPS Christophe

ULiège Outside Course

Statistical Parametric Mapping (University College London, UK) Pattern Recognition for NeuroImaging Toolbox (University College London, UK)