EHX Grégory

Professeur associé

Chercheur qualifié FNRS & Fonds assoc.

EHX Grégory

Faculté de Médecine
Département des sciences cliniques
GIGA I3 - Hematology

ULiège address
Bât. B34 GIGA I3 - Hematology
Quartier Hôpital
avenue de l'Hôpital 11
4000 Liège
Bureau 4/30B
ULiège phone number
+32 4 3664733
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Personal website (s)
Translational Immunology & Leukemia
GitHub Link

University degrees
2017: Ph.D. in Sciences (University of Liège)
2012: Laboratory animal science certification (FELASA-C) (University of Liège)
2011: Master in Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology (University of Liège)
2009: Bachelor in Biology (University of Liège)


I graduated with a Master's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Liège in 2011. I received my Ph.D. in Sciences in 2017 after completing a thesis on the promotion of regulatory T cells as an immunomodulatory therapy for Graft-versus-Host Disease. I then joined Claude Perreault's laboratory (Immunobiology Research Unit at IRIC in Montreal) as a postdoctoral fellow and conducted research that led to the discovery of immunogenic, tumor-specific MHC-I epitopes in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Now back in Liège, I am leading a research project to identify the molecular factors, including immune checkpoint molecules and MHC-I epitopes, involved in the recognition of different subpopulations of AML blasts by immune cells.


Research field

  • Immunologie
  • Hématologie
  • Informatique générale
  • Cancérologie

Duties or mandates

  • FNRS-F.R.S. Research Scientist

Scientific distinctions

  • Suzanne Duschene and Serge Rousseau foundation award (2021)
  • Frederic Van Den Brule award (2021)
  • Foundation for research promotion at the University of Liege award (2021)
  • Cole foundation fellowship for research on childhood leukemia (2018)
  • Archimbaud prize of the SFGM-TC (2017)
  • Darmont-Delmotte fellowship for research on childhood leukemia (2014)