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27/08/2019 : Post-doctoral position for the Laboratory of Tumor and Developmental Biology, GIGA-Cancer

23/08/2019 : Laboratory technician for Development Neurobiology Unit at the GIGA-Neurosciences

06/08/2019 : Post-doctoral position in Cancer Genomics at the GIGA research Institute, University of Liège

17/07/2019 : The Laboratory of Tumor and DevelopmentalBiology has an opening for a PhD candidate on breast cancer resistance to targeted therapies (PI: Nor Eddine SOUNNI, team cancer and metabolism)

12/07/2019 : Postdoctoral position in stem cells and neurodevelopment

05/07/2019 : 3 PHD student positions in the laboratory of connective tissues biology

30/06/2019 : IT Specialist

24/06/2019 : Post-doctoral Research for a genomic medicine project/Development of NGS protocols in human genetics

21/06/2019 : Technicien animalier au centre animalier universitaire

06/06/2019 : Scientist in Bioinformatics for a genomic medicine project

04/06/2019 : Post-doctoral position in cancer research or in bioinformatics

20/05/2019 : Quality Manager - GIGA Technology platforms

17/04/2019 : Un poste de technicien(ne) de laboratoire est disponible dans le laboratoire de Signalisation du cancer

05/04/2019 : Many available positions at the Unit of Animal Genomics : Computer scientists, bioinformaticians, technician

05/04/2019 : Post-doctoral position in Bioinformatics/Biostatistics available in the laboratory of Hematology

05/04/2019 : Laboratory technician for a genomic medicine project

01/03/2019 : Postdoctoral position available at The Unit of Animal Genomics

22/02/2019 : Postdoctoral position - MRI physicist UHF (7T Terra) - GIGA-CRC In vivo Imaging

30/01/2019 : Postdoctoral position at the Metastasis Research Laboratory

11/01/2019 : Postdoctoral position on exosome/ extracellular vesicles research in tumoral environment

10/01/2019 : Postdoctoral Position in Development Neurobiology Unit at the GIGA-Neurosciences

07/11/2018 : Research logistician for the proteomics platforms




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