Job offers

27/11/2020 : PhD-position in the field of Reproductive Medecine in the LBTD 

26/11/2020 : Technologue de laboratoire pour le laboratoire de Thérapie Cellulaire et Génique (LTCG) 

25/11/2020 : PhD position in Cancer Genomics and Microfluidics at the GIGA Research Institute, Unit of Medical Genomics 

17/11/2020 : Post-Doctoral Fellowship position “ChipOmics” project (SPW Walloon Region win2wal, 2.2M€ grant)Microfluidic-based sample preparation for single-cellproteomics 

17/11/2020 : PhD fellowship position in Engineering Science “ChipOmics” project (SPW Walloon Region win2wal,2.2M€ grant)Microfluidic-based sample preparation for single-cell proteomics 

30/10/2020 : PhD-position - Laboratory of Nervous System Disorders and Therapy - Pediatric high-grade gliomas 

23/10/2020 : 2 scientifiques de laboratoire en génétique 

19/10/2020 : IT specialist 

19/10/2020 : Bioinformatician 

29/09/2020 : Post-doctoral position - Implementation of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Human Genetics 

29/09/2020 : Post-doctoral position - Implementation of NGS diagnostic tests in Human Genetics 

28/09/2020 : PhD Position at the GIGA-Stem Cells/GIGANeurosciences 

08/09/2020 : 3 job positions in cancer biology/bioinformatics - 2 highly motivated PhD students and 1 Post-doc fellow to join an ERC-founded project (Francesca Rapino - Cancer Signaling Laboratory) 

04/09/2020 : 4-year PhD position at Maastricht University (NL) and ULiege (BE) for the project “Spatio-temporal investigation of environment-driven lung innate responses regulating type 2 allergic asthma" 

03/09/2020 : Poste de technologue de laboratoire - Imagerie cellulaire–Plateforme GIGA-Imaging 




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