Offres en cours

11/12/2018 : Assistante administrative pour l'unité de Génomique Animale

22/11/2018 : Le GIGA-I3 Immunoendocrinologie recherche un.e postdoc dans le cadre de son projet Win2Wal THYDIA (THYmus-DIAbète)

22/11/2018 : PhD Student position in the Hematology Laboratory (Project Title: Roles of the intestinal immunoendocrine axis in modulating inflammatory and immune responses after allogeneic stem cell transplantation).

07/11/2018 : Research logistician for the proteomics platform

29/10/2018 : Administrative manager of the GIGA technology platforms

23/10/2018 : IT specialist

25/09/2018 : The Unit of Molecular Biology of Diseases is seeking a talented and highly motivated PhD student in order to explore the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying tumor development and progression. The Unit is currently studying poorly characterized candidates acting in oncogenic signaling pathways. Some of these projects include the characterization of new mouse models of intestinal and breast cancers in which candidates of interest are inactivated (Duong et al., Cancer Research, 2018; Delaunay et al., The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2016; Göktuna et al., Cancer Research, 2016; Ladang et al., The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2015; Shostak et al., Nature Communications, 2014; Creppe et al., Cell 2009; Close et al., Molecular Cell 2006; Viatour et al., Molecular Cell 2004). Please send a cover letter describing your interests in Biomedical Research as well as a CV to Alain Chariot (

12/09/2018 : PhD Student position in the Tumours and Development Biology Laboratory

03/09/2018 : Candidat doctorant pour le GIGA-Cardiovascular (Thématique : rôle des cellules stromales mésenchymateuses dans le préconditionnement ischémique rénal)




Candidatures spontanées

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