In the academic year 2019-2020 the GIGA Doctoral School for Health Sciences offers a course catalogue containing specialized biomedical courses, courses dedicated to essential methodologies and transferable skills.  If you are interested to participate –  the subscription is open! The subscription to the courses can be done via the online forms (unless indicated otherwise) per each course. Please read the registration requirements below the list of the courses before filling the online forms.

Registration to the courses is required.  It is not possible to attend courses without prior registration!

Academic year 2019-2020 iconeNew





Start- End date



Opening of the academic year

  1st October GIGA B34, +5    

Research Integrity and Ethics  

0.5 day 2nd October GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Scientific English writing

0.5 day 3rd October GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Improving Your Presentation Skills


 1 day  4 October  GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Introduction to Scientific Computing

1 week 7-11 October GIGA B34, +5 Registration  


Introduction to R

2 days

14-15 October

GIGA B34, +5



Let’s start a PhD

1 day

18 October

XX Août, ULiège



3 days 21-23 October GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Modern Biotechnologies         

3 days 24-28 October GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Exploring the Human Genome

1 week 4-8 November GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Computer Modeling in biology and medicine: in silico medicine


 3 days  12-14 November  GIGA B34, +5 Registration  


1 day 15 November GIGA B34, +5 Registration  


1 week 18-22 November GIGA B34, +5 Registration  


1 week 25-29 November GIGA B34, +5 Registration  


1 week 2-6 December GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Cardiovascular Sciences

3 days 9-11 December GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Introduction to Intellectual Property

2 days 12-13 December GIGA B34, +5 Registration  

Introduction to the Philosophy of Science


 2 days

 17-18 December  GIGA B34 +5 Registration  

Pharmaceutical Sciences  

1 day

19 December CIRM    
  I nterdisciplinary Program in Healthcare Innovation (I3h)  


8 days

February-March 2020 Campus Erasme - I3h    





For whom?

Courses of the GIGA Doctoral School are open for PhD candidates from the University of Liège. Please contact the GIGA Doctoral School if you are from a different University but would like to attend a course. PhD candidates (with the exception of those for whom the educational curriculum is compulsory) can freely choose courses from the list relevant for the development of their research and their career.



PhD candidates can include courses organised by the GIGA Doctoral School in their doctoral training. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance with the duration of the course indicated. The amount of credits (ECTS) will be assigned to each course by the corresponding faculty.



To register for course(s) please fill in the online form and indicate the course(s) you would like to attend. You may register to a course up to one week before the starting date of the course. The confirmation of your participation in the course will be send to you not later than one week prior to the course.

Registration for courses organised by the Doctoral School is free of charge. The groups will be formed on a “first come, first served” basis up to a maximum amount of participants defined for each course.

Please be aware that if you have registered for a course you are obliged to follow it. If you would like to cancel the registration for a course you have to notify the GIGA Doctoral School not later than 72 hours prior to start of the course. In the case of a later notification or a no show without a serious reason (“an important experiment” would not be considered as such) you loose priority in the next courses of the GIGA Doctoral School and a notifying email will be send to your supervisor.



Please note that all courses are instructed in English, therefore a good working knowledge of English is a must. Most courses require use of a laptop. Some courses have additional prerequisites; please read programs carefully.



After each course you will receive a feedback form. We value a lot your opinion and possible suggestions for a course. It helps us to improve courses and the curriculum.

For additional questions please contract the GIGA Doctoral School :



Academic year 2018/2019






Start- End date



Wearable technologies for healthcare

0.5 day

24 May

Janssen Pharmaceutica


Data Science for Neuroimaging

20 hours
(1 hour/week)

7 January
Registration form

GIGA B34, +5


Introduction to Intellectual Property

0.5 day

12 December
Registration form

GIGA B34, +5

  Philosophy of science 0.5 day

10 December


GIGA B34, +5
  Neuroscience 1 week 3 -7 December GIGA
  Cardiovascular Sciences 1 week 26-30 November GIGA B34


1 week

19-23 November

GIGA B34, +5

  Immunology 1 week 12-16 November GIGA B34, +5
  Exploring the Human Genome  1 week 5-9 November GIGA B34, +5
  Modern Biotechnologies 3 days 29 -31 October GIGA B34, +5
  Presentation skills 0.5 day 26 October

GIGA B34, +5;

J-M Ghuysen grande

  Scientific English writing 0.5 day 25 October GIGA B34, +5
  Computer Modelling in Biology and Medicine 3 days 22-24 October GIGA B34, +5
  Biostatistics 3 days 17-19 October GIGA B34, +5
  Introduction to R 2 days 15-16 October GIGA B34, +5
  Introduction to Scientific Computing 1 week 8-12 October GIGA B34, +5
  Let’s start a PhD (R&D ULiege) 1 day 5.10.2018

XX-Aout, Liege

La salle des Professeurs

  Research Integrity and Ethics 0.5 day 3.10.2018 GIGA B34, +5


0.5 day



GIGA B34, +5


 Courses from the partner Janssen Pharmaceutica

- Wearable technologies for healthcare (at Janssen campus in Beerse) - 24th May 2019 - 8:00-14:00  See complete information
Registration for this course is required. For registration it is necessary to send an email to the GIGA DS - with the following information: name; family name, position, laboratory, supervisor, department. 
The deadline of registration is 1st of May.
The target audience - PhD candidates and post docs.


Academic year 2017/2018

  1. Improving Your Presentation Skills
  2. Reading and understanding scientific literature and presentations

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