The GIGA Doctoral Training Programme is formed to complement PhD research projects. An educational curriculum is comprised of discipline-related courses and transferable skills training. Our aim is that all early stage researchers (ESRs) will be equipped with the right combination of research-related and transferable competencies for future careers in academia and industry. The educational curriculum and corresponding research training are built in accordance with the Principles for Innovative Doctoral Training in Europe.


The educational and research training will provide a structural framework for acquiring and developing skills which will support their research and will also provide a valuable experience outside their discipline and the academic environment. The Training is organised in close cooperation with the ULiège and GIGA Doctoral School partner organisations.

The training programme will consist of many packages that will be organised as follows:

Training Package 1 - Crash course "start your PhD"

This training package will start immediately after the admission of the students to the doctoral school

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Training Package 2 - Training through research

Students will acquire scientific and technological knowledge through research

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Training Package 3 - Transferable skills

This training will consist of obligatory courses and personalized training programs based on specific needs for each student

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Training Package 4 - Doctoral school-wide events

As a part of research education, students will be asked to take part in the GIGA scientific animation program

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