Michel Georges, Director



Michel Georges, DVM PhD, was trained as a veterinarian and molecular geneticist at the University of Liège and Free University of Brussels, respectively.  After a five year stay at Genmark Inc and the University of Utah in the United States, he returned to the University of Liège teaching genetics and genomics as full professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and directing the research unit of animal genomics.

His research

His team’s research focused on the development of genomic tools in domestic animals, their use for the identification of genes influencing economically important traits in livestock, and the development of methods for marker assisted and genomic selection.  More recently his team has made important contributions in the identification of genes and variants underlying inherited predisposition to Inflammatory Bowel Disease in humans.

Prizes and awards

Michel Georges was awarded the Wolf Prize in Agriculture in 2007, the Francqui Prize in Biomedical Sciences in 2008, an ERC Advanced Grant in 2013, membership to the American National Academy of Sciences in 2013, and a grant of the Chinese 1,000 Talents Program in 2018. Michel Georges has been director of GIGA since 2016.   





Brigitte Malgrange, Vice-Director


After becoming a Doctor in pharmacy in 1989, Brigitte Malgrange succeeded, the following year, a European DEA in fundamental and applied toxicology. In parallel with an experience within Sanofi-Aventis (formerly Rhone Poulenc Rorer) in France, she started doing research in Pr Moonen's department at the ULg and obtained a PhD in experimental biomedical sciences in 1994 at the University of Liège on the theme: "Use of in vitro culture, for the study of neuro and ototoxicity and the development of neuro and otoprotective therapeutic strategies". Since then, she has not left the University of Liège.

Her research

Since 2009, she has been FNRS research director. While directing thesis and doctoral thesis, the current director of the Giga-Neurosciences continues to focus on neuroscience, otolaryngology, cell biology, neurogenesis and cell culture.

Prizes and awards

Brigitte Malgrange has won several prizes, including the Galen Prize in 1996, the Piauhy Alverenga Prize (2004) and the Count of Launoit of the Friends of the University of Liege Prize (2005) for the thsesis entitled "Differentiation, protection and regeneration of hair cells and mammalian auditory neurons ". She also received the Ernest Solvay Award in 2014.




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