A dedicated team of 14 persons provides the GIGA scientific community with professionnal administrative support, in the areas of human resources, financial resources, GIGA's laboratory and non-laboratory infrastructure, communication and the development of software applications.

The team works in close collaboration with the central administration of the University of Liège. Their mission is to help to improve the scientific output of GIGA by freeing researchers from administrative distraction.

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Human resources

Gaëlle Massart (accueil) -

Sandrina Evrard (recruitment) -

Financial resources

Sandrina Evrard (head of the team) -

Donatienne Boxus (accountant) -

Marie Csstronovo (accountant) -

Francine Duchateau (accountant) -

Marc Jacquemotte (accountant) -

Sandrine L'heureux (accountant) -

Axelle Lio (accountant) -

Teresa Orsini (accountant) -


Isabelle Danese (head of the team, scientific infrastructure) -

Gaëlle Massart (infrastructure, bâtiments) -

Audrey Hoffmann (cell culture lab manager) -

Fabienne Simart (deliveries) -

Sihem Moudjed (storage) -


Aurélie Gouverneur -


IT support

Udecentralized computing unit of Uliège for GIGA and the Medicine faculty

Yves Wesche, Frédéric Speter, Yannik Graindorge

Software development

Alex Kvasz

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