The Horizon 2020 program is the largest European research and innovation program with almost € 80 billion in funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). It includes the prestigious ERC grants but also various other calls for research projects. Here are other major GIGA research projects selected within this framework and currently in progress.

Horizon 2020 – FET Flagships

HBP SGA2 - Human Brain Project
Steven Laureys - GIGA-Consciousness (2018-2020)

Horizon 2020 – FET Open

LUMINOUS - Studying, Measuring and Altering Consciousness through information theory in the electrical brain
Steven Laureys- GIGA-Consciousness (2016-2019)

Horizon2020 - Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions - Individual Fellowship

ADOC - Characterization and monitoring of vigilance fluctuation in disorders of consciousness
Steven Laureys - GIGA-Consciousness (2017-2019)

Horizon2020 - Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions – ITN

MLFPM2018 - Machine Learning Frontiers in Precision Medicine
Kristel Van Steen - GIGA-Medical Genomics (2019-2022)

PET-AlphaSy - PET Imaging of Alpha-Synuclein Fibril Formation
André Luxen - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2019-2022)

BioMedAqu - Aquaculture meets Biomedicine: Innovation in Skeletal Health research
Marc Muller - GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases (2018-2022)

ProtectED - Complex toxicant mixtures throughout the food chain
Marc Muller - GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases (2017-2020)

PREDICT - A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology
Roland Hustinx - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2017-2021)

ISOTOPICS - Isotopics labelling for drug innovation
André Luxen - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2016-2019)

ZENCODE - Computational and functional annotation of genomic elements during development of the model vertebrate zebrafish
Bernard Peers - GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases (2015-2018)

Horizon2020 - Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions – Rise

DoCMA - Disorders of Consciousness (DoC): enhancing the transfer of knowledge and professional skills on evidence-based interventions and validated technology for a better management of patients
Steven Laureys - GIGA-Consciousness (2018-2021)

Horizon2020 - Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing

Liesbet Geris - GIGA-In Silico Medicine (2021-2025)

FREIA - Female Reprotoxicity by EDCs: a human evidence-based Screening and Identification Approach
Anne-Simone Parent - GIGA-Neurosciences (2019-2023)

ImmunAID - Immunome project consortium for autoinflammatory disorders
Michel Malaise - GIGA-I3 (2018-2023)

SYSCID - A systems medicine approach to chronic inflammatory disease
Michel Georges - GIGA-Medical Genomics (2017-2021)

ZIKAlliance - A global alliance for Zika virus control and prevention
Laurent Nguyen - GIGA-Neurosciences (2016-2019)

MEDIT-AGEING - Investigating the impact of meditation training on mental health and welbeing in the ageing population
Fabienne Collette - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2016-2020)

BIOCYCLE - BIOlogical therapy CYCLEs towards tailored, needsdriven, safer and cost-effective management of Crohn's disease
Edouard Louis - GIGA-Medical Genomics (2015-2021)

TREGeneration - Repair of tissue and organ damage in refractory chronic graft versus host disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation by the infusion of purified allogeneic donor regulatory T lymphocytes
Frédéric Baron - GIGA-I3 (2015-2019)

Horizon 2020 - Greening the economy in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

TARANTULA - Recovery of Tungsten, Niobium and Tantalum occurring as by-products in mining and processing waste streams
Patricia LASSAUX - GIGA-Cardiovascular (2019-2023)

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