GIGA is University of Liège’s interdisciplinary research institute in the biomedical sciences

Located within the University Hospital on the Sart-Tilman campus, GIGA counts more than 600 scientists focusing on the development of health solutions for the benefit of the patients.  GIGA scientists include medical doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, psychologists, molecular and cellular biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers.       

GIGA scientists are organized in systems- (neuroscience, cancer, infection-inflammation-immunity, cardiovascular) and methods-defined (medical genomics, in silico medicine) thematic units.  They benefit from expert support units including core facilities (genomics, cell imaging, flow cytometry, proteomics, viral vectors, immunohistology, animal housing, cyclotron), grant writing and management, IP valorization, and administration.

GIGA members strive for academic excellence to foster ground-breaking medical innovations.  GIGA has the highest concentration of ERC grantees in the Walloon Region. GIGA members publish one peer-reviewed article every day, including in the world’s top scientific journals. GIGA members have filed > 100 patent applications underpinning medical solutions.

GIGA’s mission includes talent development for the local and global life sciences’ industry, through its unique “GIGA doctoral school” and continued education program (in collaboration with FOREM).

GIGA supports emerging start-ups and spin-offs in its lab-hotel incubator, and business facilities, housing > … biotech companies.  

GIGA is an equal opportunity employer that promotes personnel development and well-being, through accountability, integrity, and mutual respect.  GIGA members include > 50% women, and nationals from > 40 countries.

GIGA is managed by a democratically elected Board of Directors that reports to a Board of Counselors including local academic and political leaders, captains of industry, and directors of internationally acclaimed biomedical research institutes.      

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