Created at the University of Liège in October 2003, the center originally had around twenty research laboratories working in different fields using genoproteomic approaches.

Currently, the GIGA-Research is structured in the form of 9 thematic research units that total close to 600 people from 6 different Faculties (Medicine, Sciences, Applied Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Agro Biotech, Psychology), distributed in about fifty laboratories.

Important dates

2003: Creation of GIGA

2007: Installation at Liège University Hospital - physical grouping

2009: The GIGA-Neurosciences joins us

2012: The GIGA-Cardiovascular unit is created

2015: Steven Laureys joins us with his Coma Science Group and the GIGA-Consciousness unit will be formed

2016: The Cyclotron research group joins us under the name of GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging

2019 : Creation of GIGA-Stem Cells

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