GIGA technology platforms result from the pooling of technological and human resources tooffer state-of-the-art technology, to adequately meet the needs of the researchers. Each technology platform is managed by a scientist and an academic researcher and offers services to academic as well as industrial researchers.


  • services to academic and industrial researchers
  • leader in technological innovation due to close collaboration with research teams and biotechnology companies.
  • technological advice

Operating way

Each platform is managed by a logistician in close cooperation with an academic researcher. A daily interaction with the research units makes sure that proposed services meet their needs and keep up with with scientific progresses and techniques. In some cases, equipment is accessible to the academic or industrial researchers, under strictly regulated conditions.


Advantages of this approach

  • access to state-of the-art technology is guaranteed
  • experiments are performed by experts
  • local service for the academic world and the local companies is available at an optimal cost
Carine Bebrone

Platforms Manager

+32 4 366 98 32

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