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New NovaSeq sequencer at the GIGA-Genomics platform

The Genomics platform now has a next-generation sequencer, the NovaSeq 6000 Illumina, thanks to FEDER funds.


he NovaSeq6000 is a state-of-the-art, high-throughput sequencer with the capability to sequentially sequence entire human (human) genomes. Within 2 days, 48 ​​human genomes can be analyzed. This opens the way to a precise and personalized medicine.

With this exceptional technology, applications that require large amounts of data, such as whole human genome sequencing, deep-tissue exome sequencing, and customized tumor profiling, can be performed in a much faster and more timely manner. precise. This sequencer is also perfectly compatible with projects requiring less flow, but with the advantage of a reagent cost lower than other sequencers.

For several years, new generation sequencers have been used intensively by the GIGA in many applications. As a reminder, the discovery of the structure of DNA dates back to 1953. In 1977, using the Sanger method, an enzyme sequencing method, DNA sequencing became a standard method in many molecular biology laboratories. However, its capacity was quite limited and it took 10 years to sequence the first human genome. In view of the enormous interest of sequencing the genome, new methods have emerged and thanks to this new generation of sequencers, the cost and time required for this type of analysis have decreased considerably.

These equipment of the highest technology are extremely expensive. The GIGA therefore thanks the ERDF for this acquisition.

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