The GIGA community has taken the initiative to create a Covid-19 working group in close collaboration with the CHU de Liège and FARAH.

The first objectives of this task-force are to srongly increase the testing capacity, both for viruses and antibodies, by using protocols that are as effective as possible and above all not very dependent on the external sources of consumables whose supply is threatened, to launch research to understand why some people develop life-threatening symptoms and others not, and finally to initiate research to evaluate the real rates of infection and seroconversion in the general population and their correlation with symptoms. These data indeed appear essential to better manage the epidemic.

Many researchers wish to mobilize and invest in this research, which is extremely urgent given the current global situation. The mission of GIGA being to have a real impact on health, it is today, more than ever, necessary to collaborate, all scientific disciplines combined and to mix expertise in the service of medicine and the community. The CHU and the GIGA will work hand in hand to achieve these objectives. As Michel Georges, director of GIGA explains, "success is not guaranteed but we will do our best".

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