New FNRS Mandates

Research Director

D'ARGEMBEAU Arnaud The temporal compression of events in episodic memory and episodic future thought

Senior Research Associate

CLOSE Pierre 

Importance of codon-specific translation and tRNA modification in cancer

Research Associates

GOSSERIES Olivia Pharmacological and neuromodulation treatments in patients with disorders of consciousness: a multimodal, model-basedapproach

RAPINO Francesca Dissecting the role of U34-tRNA modifying enzymes upregulation in cancer.

Clinical Researcher

JOURET François Impact of gut microbiota-derived succinate on blood pressure homeostasis

Post-doctorate Clinical Master Specialists - Renewal

DARCIS Gilles Characterisation of HIV blood and tissue latent reservoirs.

MALAISE Olivier Cellular senescence, cellular homeostasis and metabolic parameters in osteoarthritis: influence of corticosteroids in humanarticular cells in vitro and in murine models in vivo

Post-doctorate Clinical Master Specialist

LEJEUNE Nicolas Probing pain perception in patients with disorders of consciousness by integrating behavioral, neuroimaging andneurophysiological assessments

Postdoctoral Researcher 3 years

BENTEFOUR Yassine  Effects of stress during critical phases of brain development on female sexual behavior

BONAFINA Antonela Deciphering the role of Ccp1 in cortical morphogenesis and wiring in health and disease

FRANSSEN Delphine Hypothalamic mechanisms of transgenerational impact of endocrine disruptors on adult reproduction and metabolism: apotential inheritance of polycystic ovarian-like syndrome

JAVIER TORRENT Miriam New function of oligodendrocyte precursor cells in cerebral cortex development

KOWIALIEWSKI Benjamin The linguistic nature of serial order working memory

RADERMECKER Coraline  Study of the role of the lung sensory nerve - myeloid cell axis in environnement-driveprotection against allergic asthma

SALA Arianna A multi-level, molecular assessment in disorders of consciousness: from validation of working models for consciousness toimplementation of novel molecular indices to aid clinical practice

Clinical Master Specialist Applicant to a Ph.D. Renewal

ONESTI Concetta Elisa Investigating the role of eosinophils in breast cancer development

Clinical Master Specialist Applicant to a Ph.D.

DACHY Angélique Characterization of cellular and tissular metabolic perturbations in autosomal dominant polycystic kidneydisease

Medical Doctor Applicant to an MSc and a Ph.D. 2nd Renewal

HUART Justine Role of the G protein-coupled receptors, Calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR)and type 1 succinate receptor (SUCNR1), in renalischemia/reperfusion

Medical Doctor Applicants to an MSc anda Ph.D. Renewal

POTTIER Charles Impact of metabolic alterations in resistance to targeted therapies in estrogen positive breast cancer

VIEUJEAN Sophie The involvement of intestinal epithelium in fibrosis initiation and worsening in Crohn's disease

Medical Doctor Applicant to an MSc anda Ph.D.


VRANCKEN Louise DYNAmics in Multiple Myeloma and related OSteolysis

Research Fellow Renewal

JORSSEN Joseph Study of the ontogeny of regulatory and inflammatory eosinophils.

PANDA Rajanikant  Multimodal dynamic connectivity framework to model the neural signature of hypnosis and meditation and their clinicalapplication in 'pain neurometrics'.

RUSCITTI Cecilia Lung interstitial macrophages: defining their heterogeneity, identity and relationship with the lung nervous system.

SANZ Leandro Pharmacological neuromodulation for the treatment of disorders of consciousness

Research Fellows

CECCONI Benedetta Cerebral characterization of sensory gating in disconnected dreaming states during NREM sleep and propofol anaesthesiausing hd-EEG and fMRI

CLAES Margaux New role for Erg transcription factors in coordinating m6A mRNA methylation and transcription

PEIFFER Raphaël Evaluation of the role of myoferlin in the activation of pancreatic stellate cells and in their crosstalk with pancreatic cancercells.

RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ Lucia  Study of the imprinting of the alveolar niche by respiratory viral infections and the long-term consequences for lung immunity(Viral Imprinting Regulates Alveolar Landscape)

VANNESTE Domien  Study of the role of the transcription factors c-MAF and CREB5 in lung interstitial macrophage differentiation and identity.

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