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To be successful, tomorrow’s scientists must have not only a solid background in their chosen fields but also a broad understanding of many disciplines, as well as the ability to collaborate with their peers in other research fields and cultures. In this context, in 2018 we launched a new interdisciplinary, international and inter-sectorial GIGA Doctoral School for Health Sciences. With the goal to extend the impact and scope of the doctoral school, after the two successful rounds of recruitment, GIGA has joined forces with two other ULiège research centers: the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Medicines (CIRM) and the Fundamental and Applied Research for Animals & Health (FARAH).



Centrally selected early-stage researchers (ESRs) are enrolled in this training program annually. The program includes both educational training and a research project. The educational training is performed in several modules with the first module being obligatory for all ESRs and additional modules spread throughout the remaining 4 years PhD period. The initial module provides 12 weeks of intensive training and is built as a connected educational ensemble that contains both discipline-related and transferable skills courses. This module precedes the research project helping the ESRs to obtain the essential theoretical and applied skills needed from the start of the PhD trajectory. Additionally, ESRs becomes familiar with research at GIGA, CIRM and FARAH, thus allowing for a more informed and thoughtful decision regarding a host laboratory and a PhD project.

The specific topic for the PhD project is formulated using a bottom-up approach in which ESR defines the research project together with the host laboratory. Research topics are widely diverse and cover the majority of modern research lines in basic and applied biology, pharmaceutical sciences and veterinary research. This is ensured by the diverse nature of research performed at GIGA, CIRM and FARAH. Additionally, GIGA has state of the art technologies in the form of the technological platforms that offer the most advanced services to support the researchers. GIGA serves as an incubator for biotechnology training and start-ups, contributing to the economic development of Liège and the Walloon region. Having the tight connection with biotech companies and pharmaceutical industry it has all necessary ingredients to train a future generation of the independent researchers.

GIGA Doctoral School for Health Science provides stimulating and challenging environment for the ESRs. The goal of the Doctoral School is to train independent researchers and further develop their talents. We believe that our school gives promising young researchers an essential head start, helping them pursue a successful career in academia, industry, or government.


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GIGA Doctoral School Director

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