From its inception (prior to 2007), the GIGA project included the establishment of core facilities to provide its research community access to a broad panel of state-of-the-art technologies that were essential for frontier biomedical research yet beyond the financial and technical reach of individual laboratories. Since then, the GIGA core facilities have steadily grown into what is widely viewed as an example in Belgium of optimal use of tax-payer resources to the benefit of the scientific community. The annual turnover of GIGA’s platforms is in excess of 2 M€, serving – in addition to GIGA research community - both academic and corporate customers from the Walloon region and outside.   

The present GIGA core facilities comprise seven platforms focusing respectively on (i) genomics, (ii) in vitro imaging and flow sorting, (iii) in vivo imaging, (iv) immunohistochemistry, (v) viral vector design and production, (vi) zebrafish genome editing and housing, and (vii) rodent genome editing and housing.     


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