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New course : wearable technologies for healthcare

Wearable Technologies for Healthcare


Date: 24th May 2019

Location: Janssen campus in Beerse, Belgium

Time: 8:00 -14:00

The wearable technology industry is an emerging field. Last decades have seen an unprecedented increase in the wearable technology usage. Wearable technology is moving beyond activity tracking devices and is more and more used for tracking a person’s vital physiological and biochemical parameters such as heart rate, calories burned, blood pressure, and sugar content. Wearable devices applied to the healthcare offer multiple advantages to healthcare professionals as well as to the patients. These include: early diagnosis, remote patient monitoring, adherence to medication and many more.


Aim of the event:

To bring together the professionals and interested in the wearable technologies and to summarize recent developments in the field of wearable sensors and systems and discuss future perspective of these technologies to the healthcare providers and patients.


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is targeted at PhD candidates, Post-Docs and research staff, from Janssen Pharmaceutica and other companies and academia.


This workshop has no prerequisites other than working knowledge of English.

Organised by:  Janssen Pharmaceutica

Schedule :

Keynote speaker: Peter Hinssen (Co-founder & Partner at nexxworks, Belgium)

Talks: 4 x 30 min 

  • Janssen: “How to make a difference in clinical trials?” – Bert Hartog
  • IMEC: “Mood disorders: wristband for stress markers” – speaker: TBA
  • Philips: “Biosensors”- Krishna Jhaveri
  • Byteflies: “Going toward preventive health with wearable technology and AI” – Hans Danneels

“Hot topics”: 3 x 10 min 

         Three short talks about innovative wearable technologies delivered by researchers from Janssen Pharmaceutica.


Registration for this course is required. For registration it is necessary to send an email to the GIGA DS - with the following information: name; family name, position, laboratory, supervisor, department. 
The deadline of registration is 1st of May.

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