Le programme Horizon 2020 est le plus grand programme européen de recherche et d’innovation avec près de 80 milliards d’euros de financement disponibles sur 7 ans (2014 à 2020). Il comprends les prestigieuses bourses ERC mais aussi divers autres appels à projets de recherche. Voici d'autres grands projets de recherche du GIGA sélectionnés dans ce cadre et en cours actuellement.

Horizon 2020 – FET Flagships

HBP SGA2 - Human Brain Project
Steven Laureys - GIGA-Consciousness (2018-2020)

Horizon 2020 – FET Open

LUMINOUS - Studying, Measuring and Altering Consciousness through information theory in the electrical brain
Steven Laureys- GIGA-Consciousness (2016-2019)

Horizon2020 - Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions - Individual Fellowship

ADOC - Characterization and monitoring of vigilance fluctuation in disorders of consciousness
Steven Laureys - GIGA-Consciousness (2017-2019)

Horizon2020 - Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions – ITN

MLFPM2018 - Machine Learning Frontiers in Precision Medicine
Kristel Van Steen - GIGA-Medical Genomics (2019-2022)

PET-AlphaSy - PET Imaging of Alpha-Synuclein Fibril Formation
André Luxen - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2019-2022)

BioMedAqu - Aquaculture meets Biomedicine: Innovation in Skeletal Health research
Marc Muller - GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases (2018-2022)

ProtectED - Complex toxicant mixtures throughout the food chain
Marc Muller - GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases (2017-2020)

PREDICT - A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology
Roland Hustinx - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2017-2021)

ISOTOPICS - Isotopics labelling for drug innovation
André Luxen - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2016-2019)

ZENCODE - Computational and functional annotation of genomic elements during development of the model vertebrate zebrafish
Bernard Peers - GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases (2015-2018)

Horizon2020 - Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions – Rise

DoCMA - Disorders of Consciousness (DoC): enhancing the transfer of knowledge and professional skills on evidence-based interventions and validated technology for a better management of patients
Steven Laureys - GIGA-Consciousness (2018-2021)

Horizon2020 - Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing

ONTOX - Ontology-driven and artificial intelligence-based repeated dose toxicity testing of chemicals for next generation risk assessment
Liesbet Geris - GIGA-In Silico Medicine (2021-2026)

IN SILICO WORLD - Lowering barriers to ubiquitous adoption of In Silico Trials
Liesbet Geris - GIGA-In Silico Medicine (2021-2024)

FREIA - Female Reprotoxicity by EDCs: a human evidence-based Screening and Identification Approach
Anne-Simone Parent - GIGA-Neurosciences (2019-2023)

ImmunAID - Immunome project consortium for autoinflammatory disorders
Michel Malaise - GIGA-I3 (2018-2023)

SYSCID - A systems medicine approach to chronic inflammatory disease
Michel Georges - GIGA-Medical Genomics (2017-2021)

ZIKAlliance - A global alliance for Zika virus control and prevention
Laurent Nguyen - GIGA-Neurosciences (2016-2019)

MEDIT-AGEING - Investigating the impact of meditation training on mental health and welbeing in the ageing population
Fabienne Collette - GIGA-CRC in vivo Imaging (2016-2020)

BIOCYCLE - BIOlogical therapy CYCLEs towards tailored, needsdriven, safer and cost-effective management of Crohn's disease
Edouard Louis - GIGA-Medical Genomics (2015-2021)

TREGeneration - Repair of tissue and organ damage in refractory chronic graft versus host disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation by the infusion of purified allogeneic donor regulatory T lymphocytes
Frédéric Baron - GIGA-I3 (2015-2019)

Horizon 2020 - Greening the economy in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

TARANTULA - Récupération du tungstène, du niobium et du tantale, étant des sous-produits dans les flux de déchets d'extraction et de traitement minier
Patricia LASSAUX - GIGA-Cardiovascular (2019-2023)

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